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White Chairs

White dining chairs are always an easy option, they give any dining space a clean bright finish and work with any interior making them very versatile, Dining chairs are not just a place to sit, they are the perfect way to elevate your dining table and dining area.
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Don White Leather Look Dining Chair

This white dining chair has a versatile approach to modern living, it is flashy enough to make you proud at a formal dinner party whilst also being relaxed enough to chill out around a casual breakfast table.

Imperial High Back White Leather Look Dining Chair

This high back white dining chair will stand proudly around your dining table and give your room a regal look.

Pauline White Leather Swivel Dining Chair

Turn the style of your dining room or dining kitchen up a notch or two with the contemporary design of this modern dining chair. Who doesn't love have a good old swivel on a chair...I know I do!

Scholey White Vegan Friendly Plastic Dining Chair

This stylish white plastic dining chair is a smart choice for high traffic areas. You need a dining chair that is beautiful but also durable. Scholey has got you covered, easy to wipe down which is perfect for a household with children, these dining chairs are a childminders dream.

Tarquin White Leather Look Dining Chair

You don't have to see this white leather dining chair in the flesh to understand that the quality of this chair is superior to the quality of any other white chair on the market. Premium quality at an affordable price, why choose cotton when you can choose silk for a couple of bob extra!