Dropshipping is a great way to set up a business because you do not need to hold any stock.  You can offer a wide range of products with little to no investment. Furniture dropshipping presents a great opportunity for start up businesses.. 

We have a  wide range and unique range of furniture to dropship that will set you apart from other online furniture stores that are dropshipping because everyone tends to get their dropshipping furniture in the UK from the same place.

To make things fair we will only have a select number of dropshippers so that the market is not saturated with our products making them a little more exclusive.

We are quite strict with our furniture dropshipping because we want things to be fair for everyone  and if we find our resellers promoting items at silly prices you will be removed from our dropshippers list.

If you are interested in become a furniture dropshipper in the UK send an email to sales@briggsandjones.co.uk with a link to your online furniture or home store and if we think you are a good fit we will advise you on how to proceed.