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Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers if one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom, not just because it provides additional storage, it also serves as an accent piece for your bedroom. Choosing the right chest of drawers can be daunting, do you go for a wide chest of drawers or a tall and narrow set of drawers. When choosing your chest of drawers take into consideration the style you want to achieve and lighting in your room. If your room has poor lighting black or dark grey chest of drawers could be the wrong choice for you. You could brighten your room with white chest of drawers or chest of drawers with a high gloss finish. Mirrored chests of drawers would work well in a poor lit room too as it will reflect any light that comes in making it feel brighter. I think a wide chest of drawers look fabulous in a large bedroom, a small chest can look lost. You have a range of chest of drawers to choose from ranging from shabby chic drawers to modern contemporary drawers. We have some unique pieces that you will adore.
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This premium pink chest of drawers has a distressed finish for a warm rustic touch you will love. The solid wood construction makes this a durable and reliable piece. This bedside table is ready assembled.

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Angled metal legs of the bedroom furniture sturdy structure. Natural wood veneer and beige cream finish adds luxe touch to home

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